Affiliate Program
To jumpstart the growth of USDR, Tangible will deploy a highly competitive affiliate program aimed at incentivizing KOLs, thought leaders and grass-roots influencers to promote the product.
Affiliates will be rewarded with the following compensation for any new USDR minted from their affiliate link and subsequently staked on our site for seven days:
  • 4.0% of the minted and staked amount is paid in USDR to the affiliate
  • 1.0% is paid in USDR as a bonus to the referee
USDR payments will be issued instantaneously and automatically to the affiliate’s wallet after the new USDR has been staked for seven days.
Because of the program’s substantial value and potential for system abuse, all affiliates will complete a simple wallet-connected application process. Applications will be reviewed and approved by the Tangible marketing team and once approved, affiliates will receive their code/link and can begin to promote the product to their audience.
Affiliates will get credit for a referral once a user has clicked their link, minted USDR and staked it for 7 days. As long as a user is using the affiliate link, an affiliate can be credited an unlimited number times for any new USDR that a user mints and stakes for the required timeframe.
The affiliate portal will track each referred transaction attributed to the affiliate along with their payout and a status on funds release. Payments are made in USDR and are automated, with the entire program running on-chain to ensure transparency.
For payouts to be made, of the total minted amount credited to an affiliate, a minimum of 90% must be staked at any time. This prevents abuse by people minting, staking, claiming rewards, then after seven days unstaking, redeeming and minting again. It shows the affiliate is bringing in sticky capital not abusing the system.
If newly-minted USDR were partially unstaked during the seven day window, the rewards will only be paid on the lowest balance during that period.
Affiliates will not be able to refer themselves for the program.
Tangible reserves the right to remove any affiliate from the program at any time if we believe that they are abusing the system. Any rewards currently within the seven day staking window will be immediately forfeited.
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