Unlocking the power of triple-digit APRs with CAVIAR has never been easier.

Using our vote optimizer and the voting power from the vePEARL backing CAVIAR, Tangible delivers a projectable rate of return by pulling the ve(3,3) voter stablecoin bribes from the Pearl Exchange and delivering them directly to CAVIAR stakers. Our innovative distribution system allocates a staggering 80% of the voting rewards to CAVIAR stakers, returning one of DeFi's highest stablecoin yields on a single-staked token.

To help maintain CAVIAR's vote share, up to 25% of weekly $PEARL emissions are distributed back to CAVIAR stakers as additional CAVIAR, automatically increasing their position and preventing dilution.

Earning triple-digit stablecoin yield has never been easier, it just takes three simple steps to get started:

  1. Get CAVIAR

    Buy CAVIAR on Tangible or Pearl, or mint it yourself on Tangible, depositing PEARL or vePEARL into our vault.

  2. Stake

    Stake CAVIAR on Tangible to start earning the highest possible daily yield.

  3. Claim

    Claim yield any time. Rewards accrue by block and are delivered to your wallet as USDR.

Minting or Buying CAVIAR

  • Mint PEARL → CAVIAR: Users can mint CAVIAR with $PEARL 1:1 at any time on Tangible, no fees or any additional costs other than gas on Polygon.

  • Mint vePEARL → CAVIAR: Users can mint CAVIAR on Tangible with their vePEARL NFT. Minting with vePEARL incurs a dynamic conversion fee influenced by the CAVIAR - PEARL balance in the stable LP on Pearl Exchange.

  • Buy CAVIAR: Users can go to Pearl Exchange to swap any token supported on the exchange for CAVIAR, only paying the standard fees associated with a normal swap plus gas. They can also buy directly through the Tangible site.

Redeeming or Selling CAVIAR

  • Redeem CAVIAR → vePEARL: At any point in time, users can redeem CAVIAR for vePEARL on Tangible, incurring a 3.5% conversion fee plus gas.

  • Sell CAVIAR: Users can swap CAVIAR for any token supported on Pearl Exchange, only paying the standard fees associated with a normal swap plus gas.

Earn and Claim CAVIAR Revenue

  • Simply stake CAVIAR on Tangible to begin earning yield, which is distributed by block and claimable immediately.

  • All yield is distributed back to users in USDR, Tangible’s native yield stablecoin backed by tokenized real estate.

  • Claim CAVIAR earnings whenever it's convenient.

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