Tangible Gold bar TNFTs are backed by LBMA-member certified gold bars, supplied by PX Precinox, and made specifically for us featuring the Tangible logo and a unique serial number. While initially the TNFTs will be minted with a stock photo of a gold bar, within five days after purchase, the image will be updated to show a photograph of your actual gold bar with the serial number.

Storage: Until redemption, Tangible gold bars are secured by the renowned Swiss security firm Protectas, in fully-insured and audited locations in Zurich, Switzerland. These are some of the world’s most trusted vaults. Tangible customers will pay 1% of the gold’s value, on the day of storage purchase, per year of storage. Redemption: We can ship to anywhere in the world, for reasonable rates, although the prices obviously vary depending on destination, number of bottles, and local VAT. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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