How to Mint and Redeem USTB

Mint and Redeem USTB: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Make sure you are on the USTB page on the Tangible app.

  2. To start the process, click on “Get USTB”.

  3. Click on “Connect Wallet” and select your preferred wallet.

    1. In this demonstration, Metamask is selected. Note that using other wallets might result in different prompts in your wallet.

  4. Confirm the connection in Metamask.

  5. As the minting happens on Ethereum, you need to acquire USDM on Ethereum first. You can do that by swapping to USDM on Curve, or by directly minting from the Mountain Protocol platform. Though, to get an account, you need to submit a request and complete a KYC process.

  6. Now, from the Tangible app, you can input the amount of USDM that you wish to use to mint USTB. Approve USDM token spending, and complete the minting process.

  7. When the minting is completed, you can bridge USTB to Click on “Bridge”. Again, approve access to your tokens, and complete the bridging process. It will take about 15-30 minutes for your USTB to show up on

If you want to redeem USTB back to USDM, you’ll need to:

  1. Bridge USTB to Ethereum. Click on “Bridge”. Approve token spending, and sign the transaction. It will take about 15-30 minutes for your USTB to show up on Ethereum.

  2. Now, you can redeem USDM. Click on “Get USTB” or “Mint”, and select the “Redeem” tab. Approve token spending, and sign the redeeming transaction. USDM tokens will appear shortly in your wallet.

  3. USDM can be swapped for USDC or other assets on Eth on Curve and other supported DEXs.

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