Overview and Glossary

CAVIAR ($CVR) is a self-sustaining liquid-wrapper for locked tokens vePEARL, the governance token of the Pearl Exchange. The main advantage of CAVIAR lies in its streamlined access to outstanding vePEARL yields, paid to voters, and CAVIAR stakers, in the stablecoin $USDR. CAVIAR promises to be a substantial source of income for both the CAVIAR users as well as Tangible 3,3+ locked token holders, who will receive 20% of the vePEARL yield.


  • $PEARL: ERC-20 governance token/emission token for Pearl Exchange, an AMM on Polygon
  • $vePEARL: ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) containing $PEARL that’s been locked up to 2 years to obtain voting rights on Pearl Exchange
  • $CVR: CAVIAR, the liquid-wrapper created by Tangible
  • Epoch: A period lasting 7 days, restarting every Thursday at 00:00 GMT
  • Rebase: A process on Pearl where up to 50% of weekly $PEARL emissions are allocated to vePEARL holders and directly added to their vePEARL positions, helping offset the impacts of a token that’s always growing in supply. $CVR (backed by vePEARL) is entitled to this rebase, which is minted directly into more $CVR for the holders and supplied as part of staking rewards.
  • Bribes: Money deposited in Pearl to entice voters to pick different liquidity pools to receive yield in the form of $PEARL emissions
  • Stake: Staking is the process of submitting your CAVIAR into a contract where it can collect bribes. CAVIAR must be staked on Tangible to receive any benefits.
  • TNGBL 3,3+: Locked Tangible/$TNGBL the governance token of the Tangible protocol
  • $CVR_balance: The balance of CAVIAR in the Pearl stable LP
  • $CVR_staked: The total CAVIAR in the staking contract
  • $PEAL_balance: The balance of $PEARL in the Pearl stable LP
  • $CVR_total: The total minted supply of CAVIAR