Minting Real USD

Minting with DAI

Real USD is minted 1:1 with DAI and can be redeemed/burnt 1:1 for DAI. DAI was chosen due to its deep liquidity across multiple chains, historical peg stability, and its relative decentralization compared to USDC.

Minting with TNGBL

In some circumstances Real USD can be minted with TNGBL the native token of the TNGBL marketplace. The total amount of Real USD that can be minted with TNGBL cannot exceed 10% of the amount of USDR minted, minus USDR redeemed.
Real Estate has a long predictable history of price appreciation when priced in FIAT. This appreciation means that Real USD will be 100% collateralized with just Real Estate and DAI within a few years and the TNGBL portion of the backing will simply overcollateralize Real USD and provide additional yield.
Until then, on balance we believe the benefits of allowing minting with TNGBL far outweigh the risks and we have put into place certain safeguards to mitigate the risks.