Cross-Chain / Bridging


Real USD is crypto's first omnichain, rebasing token. Using Layer Zero, USDR can now be deployed on any chain using the same contract and rebase natively on that chain. Rebasing tokens like USDR use an internal property called a liquidity index that goes up during the rebase. A wallet's stored USDR balance is multiplied by the index to get the current USDR total held. With USDR v3, when the rebase is triggered on Polygon, the controller syncs the rebase on all other chains.
wUSDR is the value accruing token used for farming. Some liquidity pools are not compatible with rebasing tokens like USDR. To solve for this, wUSDR goes up in value to reflect the ever increasing yield allocated to the token instead of accruing yield through more tokens like USDR. The price of wUSDR will always increase relative to USDR as it collects yield through the daily rebase. wUSDR can be unwrapped on the Tangible site to claim the full value of USDR assigned to the token.


Bridging wUSDR off Polygon to new chains is done in the UI on the Tangible site. Tangible owns/operates the native bridge for USDR leveraging the infrastructure provided by Layer Zero. This is being deployed as a public good for the Tangible community, a no-fee bridging solution to aid in USDR's adoption throughout the cryptoeconomy. The only costs to users will be the gas required for the bridging transaction. Tangible's bridge will carry wUSDR to any and all L1's and L2's, those we support now and the ones which we plan to support in the future.