Fine Wine

Tangible Custody has entered a service provider relationship with Bordeaux Index, one of the top five fine wine distributors in Europe, with offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Los Angeles. Every bottle of wine offered by Tangible Custody is purchased and authenticated by Bordeaux Index.
Storage: Bottles of wine are cellared by Octavian, who have set the standard for fine wine storage for over 30 years and currently store £2bn of fine wine in their vaults. The storage facilities, located in west Wiltshire, England, feature precisely-engineered 75% - 85% humidity systems, constantly-monitored temperature, comprehensive LED lighting (to minimise light), air ducts installed by the Ministry of Defence (to ensure fresh air reaches every single case), and 24-hour security (with few direct access points and highly sophisticated alarms). Tangible customers pay US$16/year for storing a 6- or 12-bottle case.
Redemption: We can ship to anywhere in the world, for reasonable rates, although the prices obviously vary depending on destination, number of bottles, and local VAT. Please contact us for a custom quote.
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