Ecosystem Support

Bootstrapping CAVIAR: Low-Fee Promotional Window

For a limited time, users can convert vePEARL into CAVIAR for a static 5% fee, capped at 4,000,000 vePEARL.

TNGBL 3,3+ Distribution

20% of bribes will be converted into $USDC and sent to TNGB 3,3+ holders.
TNGBL distribution is on a weekly cadence. At the end of each epoch on Pearl, CVR claims owed to the vePEARL backing. After that collect, the TNGBL distribution is carved out, converted to USDC and distributed to the TNGBL 3,3+ holders.

Marketing Fund

50% of the $CVR rebase (see glossary) will be sent to Tangible or affiliate marketing partners as an integrated source of funds to support $CVR marketing operations and liquidity incentives (bribes).