Real USD (USDR v2) is a first-of-its-kind natively rebasing, yield-bearing, overcollateralized stablecoin, pegged to the US dollar. Collateralizing USDR will be yield-generating, tokenized real estate that is inflation-resistant and wealth generating.
USDR has its own value accrual system built into its design, differentiating it from other currencies. Using a consistent stream of dependable yield derived from rental revenue, USDR will be the first stablecoin in DeFi to deliver a daily, native “real yield” to holders, projected to range between 5 - 10% APY with the ability to grow over time.
Unlike fiat or gold-standard currencies, USDR holders grow wealth despite fluctuations in the currency’s backing. This is due to the highly vetted yield-generating properties that serve as the backing to the treasury and are the source of the daily yield, USDR that is minted and sent to holders each day through a rebase.
Users mint USDR with DAI and a portion of that DAI is then converted into tokenized real estate through Tangible’s existing marketplace. Users will receive a daily rebase, incremental USDR, sent to their wallet on a daily basis. No staking required.