Minting Real USD

Minting with DAI and TNGBL
Users will always be able to mint Real USD 1:1 by depositing DAI as collateral. They’ll also be able to burn USDR, redeeming it for DAI or TNGBL.
Real USD implements additional features to minting USDR, improving on the following limitations of the initial token deployment.
In Real USD, TNGBL will now mint USDR at a 1:1 ratio. However, the amount of total Real USD that can be minted with TNGBL cannot exceed 10% of the amount of USDR minted minus USDR redeemed, inclusive of Real USD minted by DAI, TNGBL, LP as well as USDR minted against gains (see following section.) We believe that the market value of TNGBL should be fairly recognized in the Real USD economics, there should be no penalty applied to users who chose to mint USDR with an ecosystem token that’s been correctly priced.
The automated burn of TNGBL has been removed, deprecated by other features in v2 that make it unnecessary.
We project that the growth of Real USD, and borrowing against TNFTs enabled via USDR, will very likely lead to an increase in marketplace volume. With fees from the Tangible marketplace accruing to the TNGBL token.
Further, 1:1 minting Real USD with unlocked TNGBL encourages adoption of USDR as it does not come at any incremental expense to the user. Factoring in slippage and fees when selling tokens, minting TNGBL into Real USD is likely the most efficient entry into a stablecoin from TNGBL. These features should lead to a flywheel that accelerates both Real USD and Tangible adoption. This flywheel is at the core of the USDR v2 design.